So I was tasked with building an ergo/hmi department

A lot of my career has been based on HMI/Ergo, and so far the Dyson book has been the bible, but the meat and potatoes has always been foam/3d printed mockups and lots of user testing with quantitative/qualitative data. This has produced results, but my boss has asked me to lead the development of an ergo/hmi/usability team, and he wants plans on how to achieve this.

I’m a bit lost. I’ve been doing my job well, and producing solid designs based off of what I mentioned, but it seems like he is looking for more. Anyone have any experience in this? Or suggested books/TED talks/literally anything?

A few thoughts.

Maybe you can work collaboratively with your boss to put together the vision? Even a 90 minute white board session to work out goals of the department, key deliverables, key touch points. From here you can back fill some processes and an org chart on your own.

Working in the other direction, can you think extensibly about your success and formalize some processes, deliverables, and show an org chart to scale it up into a department.