So I need everybodys advice if possible!

Ok guys well Im into designing but don’t know much about it and would like to go to school for it so that I can get a good base. First off I like shoe and clothes designing the closest degree I see its graphic designer! I know there’s industrial design but right now I have a baby on the way and I need to start doing something with my life, maybe later on I can pursue this degree. So I’ve been contacting different schools and finding out the prices for their program. I spoke with the ppl from the Art Institute here in Houston Texas and this was what the lady quoted me on it: The Associates degree is $46,585 while the Bachelors degree is $79,360. Then I spoke to Westwood College also here in Houston and they quoted me $34960 but this was for a Graphic Design and Multimedia and they are an accredited Institution and their job placement percentage is 94% according to them… A friend of mine told me a community college here in Houston also carries the same graphic design for less than 10K ( its not there but that was what I was told when I called. I wanted to see if there’s anything I should keep in mind when making my decision. I don’t know better Im just a big newbie.

Some quick advice…

If you want to design shoes - you will likely need a degree in industrial design. Do some searching on these boards and look at the talent level out there. The industry is incredibly competitive and these folks are who you will be competing with for jobs.

If you want to go into fashion design. You will need to go to a school that offers fashion design.

A program in graphic design will only allow you to work as… a graphic designer.

Both shoe design and fashion design are extremely technical endeavours and require specific schooling if you want a serious job.

Best to do some more research on the specific job you want after school and then taylor your schooling to achieve it.

Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it! Ive seen the footwear forum and its crazy how this guys do it! I really like that field and i know liking its not good enough but I wanted to start somewhere and tought graphic desig would be a good idea to at least get in the field… Like I said on my original post I have a baby on the way so I have to take care of things as fast as possible, just tought it would be a good start.

Well, I don’t know if I really need to say this, but a college education isn’t like a car that you get quoted a price for. Also, I remember spending a lot more than just tuition. Art school (which is where you get an Industrial Design degree) is freaking expensive. Paper, for instance, is surprisingly expensive.

Also, Westwood? is that the tech college that advertises at 2 in the morning? Yeah I have at times thought that the school I went to wasn’t doing me any favors, but Westwood? Hopefully, for your sake, I’m thinking of a different institution.

An associates degree is like a GED, get a real bachelors from a real school. Read some of the comments about Grad School choices, because they discuss why it is important to choose a school. Undergrad is the same, only slightly less crucial.

Good Luck I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, just quickly steer you in a better direction

I see what you are saying man and I understand. Yes westwood its a technical school… What school did you go to?

i believe the wise teacher says, do as I say not as I do…

I just wanted to know…