So I drew some rabbits.....

and I didnt know what to do with them so I figured I would post them here so they had somewhere to live.


yeess rabbits

cute bunnies BTW

Top left Floppy ear Bunny is very good! Cute bunnies :smiley:

Thanks guys. Its been my only motivation to get through this really lame project I’m doing at work. Every time I get to some daily goal I set, I allow myself to free my mind by drawing whatever. It just happened to be bunnies the other day. It seems to be helping plus its kind of fun to not draw products all the time. My next stop is to convert all this bunnies into some kind of killer robot versions of themselves.

Nice rabbits. They always seem to have that “I’m about to get eaten at any minute” look to them, and then parels are the resulting zombie versions.