so confused!

I’m going to start my senior of high school this fall. I’m from Bangladesh. I’m interested in industrial design, interior design, and photography. I like photography best. Between industrial design and interior design… i don’t know which to choose. My parents would never let me major photography, so I’ll minor that if thats even possible. But…interior design or industrial design. I am not great with art, but I love it. I can totally appreciate art and i can critique it too. Basically, I have to work on my portfolio and I have no idea what to work on. I have looked into RISD, Pratt, and Parsons. I like RISD best, but I cant visit it. I would love some suggestions. I am open to schools in Europe too. I have just been too busy looking into schools in US. Thnx a bunch.

i dont know what your question is. are you waiting for someone to chose your life path for you?

just go to a decent school that has both, most likely you wont have to declare a definite major until sohpmore year, at least.

If you search through this forum, you can find a lot of information about those 3 schools and many others, in the US and in Europe. Then, maybe you can come back with more specific questions?

All the schools that you mentioned are great for photography,but you should also consider Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to your list. RIT has a big in with Eastman Kodak and BL. They have fabulous photo studios and facilities and are considered in the top three schools for both photography and printing in the US and probably the world.

basically i have to stick with industrial design.
and i’ve read thru the comments already, so i have an idea abt how ppl like the schools and so. i just dunno how to get started. i’m not a very good art student. but i’ve always been interested in the creative field. i can totally appreciate art. but i’m not good enuff for colleges to be impressed by my portfolio and accept me.

I’m confused. If you really believe that you’re not good enough, then you’re basically assured of failure. On the other hand, how do you know that you would not be accepted? Have you already applied?

If you’re prepared to work really hard, then you will get better. What are you really asking? I can suggest taking more art classes, for example, and also constant sketching. Also, if you’re worried about portfolio reviews, start doing them now to get practice and feedback. Then, you can continue improving and revising your portfolio.

Also, you’re not stuck with ID! You can do something related to the field without actually being a designer. For example, you could go into marketing or business development or engineering.

I wouldn’t really worry about getting into to colleges, just worry about improving yourself and working as hard as you can. You’ll get in somewhere, art schools like getting the money. But it doesn’t really sound like you are too strong in your desire to enter this field. Let me just warn you if its not something you live to do, you will burn out fast. Although you may just need to get your feet wet in it at school and then you’ll love it. Best of luck to you.

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a great school too and it is in GA. It offers great programs in both of those areas.

It’s also very easy to get into! I wonder why.

Have you considered photo-journalism? That might be easier to convince your parents as realistic. You’ll get roughly the same photo education as an art photo major, but you’ll also get some more real-world journalism courses. Photo-journalism might also present you with more opportunities to travel, in turn giving you more opportunities to take artistic photos as well, think about it.

photojournalism sounds quite neat. i’ll look into it thnx.
how’s carleton for industrial design?

if you are really unsure of yourself, and you don’t have a strong portfolio, look at schools where you don’t need a portfolio when you apply, or have a high entrance rate. someone mentioned savannah. from what i have heard they are easy to get into, but if you ever want to transfer, the credits from that school are not accepted at all other art schools. something to think about.

If you are interested in industrial design and Photo, look into RIT. They are good for both:

RIT= Rochester Institute of Technology.

try taking a foundation cours in art + design these allow you to try different areas such as industrial design, photography, graphic design, movie making, arcutecture. plus it will boost your portfolio and help you decide what fealds you prefer and it makes it a lot easiyer to get into a good collage.

You asked about Carleton as an ID school…

The good news for you is that they arent really an “art and design” industrial design school at all, there’s a much heavier focus on engineering as part of the design process. The area also has lots of links into bio-tech, high-tech, and other industries.

The other cool thing about Carleton is that its one of Canada’s premier journalism schools, so you could do that photo-journalism tact that someone else mentioned. I graduated from Carleton by taking courses in just about EVERY program at the Uni, and it was great. I now work at Microsoft as a product designer and am loving it.