So basically what Ive been trying to do.

Hows it goin every1? Its been awhile but here is some of what I have to offer:
(Let me know, my biggest concern is that I reached a plateau and Im not improving.)
The second aAir (artificial air inserts repeated) shoe I did. This one was for the drc on nt…It never took off. Inspired by a villian from Spider man.

This brought me back to my “roots.” 1 of the 1st shoes I posted here was a Vick shoe, well I came back for another…Ghandi, if ur out there (ha) remember the old one…u helped me out a lot bro!

3/4 Toe

Now another “throwback.” This one was done after looking through my old old stuff. I found this jb shoe, the 20, I did inspired by an early aj 11 sketch. So I redid it. The og was a gr8 idea…just poor execution. So here’s the old 1 1st:
edit Cant find it…hopefully l8r.

So clean…I think neways:

This pic doesnt do it justice at all!

The bootie of the shoe…made w/ sphere:

Depending on the responses of if ne1 wants to know, Ill break down the shoes. The Vick has sooo much stuff to know.

Tell us a little bit about your background. Are you a student?

Invest in a $90 Canon scanner. I’ve had mine for years. They are light, thin, work great, and take a beating. It’s hard to comment on what I can’t see very well.

I like how you are exploring the inside of the shoes and all of the components. keep doing this. It is important to design a sport shoe from the inside out. Work on your forms. A lot of them are very wavy and there are some contradcictory and conflicting lines on some of the designs. Keep working on smoothing out that linework and making every shape considered, make the shoe look like everything belongs together on it.

Keep up the great work.

^Thanks yo, 1 person trying to help is better than no1.
Im 18…Im goin to scad in jan for id. Well nike is my main goal (designing anything there really) but I’ll try to do my 4 yrs and hopefully start out the gates w/ some1. So about internships…lol.

Ive heard you say pretty much the same thing about taking into consideration of each line and shape on the shoe. I think Ive started to work that into my mindset more and more. Ill keep trying.

Hey people!
One of my drawings has the chance to win the
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Vote often, quickly and everywhere under
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Let´s see how many people can be motivated.
Be the best group!
Thanks a lot for your engagement!!!

betty, every time i see one of these posts im going to go vote for your competition, number 2 is the best one i think. theyre all pretty crap actually.
eyi2: i think your designs look better with less stuff on them rather than more. the simpler ones seem to work better. plus can you use adobe illustrator? be worth learning. im jealous of you guys that have the time to draw all these cool designs. my work is mostly developing existing product, and doing pages and pages of specs.

my work is mostly developing existing product, and doing pages and pages of specs.

come join us then :wink:

deal. is this j from puma?

disclaimer: if anyone else from my work is reading this…
me and the bro are just joking around ygetme i love doing specs and development gimme another year of this and i will be unnnnnnnstoppppppaaaaaaaaabllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll its great,peace.
sorry now get back to the topic, this guys shoes…

Gddam! I thought I deleted all of her posts in other topics, guess I missed some. For Chrissakes she is even spamming my email now!