So are you happy with the school you picked?

SCAD honestly had me a bit worried for a while. For a good chunk of freshman year I’ve been sequestered off from everyone else in the foundations buildings, doing some menial arts and crafts-esque stuff. However, the second I stepped back into the Gulfstream building (SCAD’s ID and Furnature building) I was just blown away. Everything is absolutely amazing. There’s a level of professionalism I honestly can’t comprehend. The shops and equipment are absolutely incredible and the process books and renders I’ve seen just blew me away.

I’m another UC kid. I definitely enjoy my time at school, though I think it would be an extremely mediocre school without co-ops. Its not that I don’t learn at school, its the fact that you are constantly switching between real world and academic that makes studio work much more meaningful. You learn a skill, see how it applies in the working world, return to school and refine it etc. Its good stuff. And the number of contacts, I think for most students the first two or three co-ops are through the co-op office. After you start to meet people you tend to do your own networking and start to focus on the companies/industries you want to get into.

One thing that I really like and doesn’t seem to get talked about that much is the rapid prototyping facilities that DAAP has. We have a large 3 axis mill, a 5 axis mill, a 4’x8’ cnc router, a small 3 axis that is student operated (though its kind of a piece of junk), two powder printers, a resin printer (can’t remember the name but not sla or sls), and two laser cutters. That’s a lot of technology to have at your disposal and knowing how to best utilize as part of your design process is a major focus at DAAP.

I dig my school, its greatly shaped the person I am turning out to be and I’m totally ok with that.

I’m at Cal State Long Beach and I’m very happy with it. Classes will fill up pretty often and can get crowded, but other than that it’s great. There is a lot of talent here and the faculty is pretty good. Also, being in LA keeps me in the mood to be creative with the interesting people and places.

Oh I guess I should mention the sun, beach and extremely low tuition?