so annoying

I’m trying to create a simple sweep in SW 2006. I have the profile and it’s pierced to the path which it is intended to sweep. As soon as I click on the profile, i get the following warning: “A profile and a path must be provided to define the sweep.The profile may have more than one contour profile for soild sweep.To make a solid sweep, all the contours must also be closed. Sketch for profile and path cannot be pure construction geometry.” WHAT THE HELL?? I know that a sweep has to have a profile and a path, but it doesn’t even let me finish selecting the damn things when the error message pops up. Please help…

you ding a soild sweep or a surface sweep?

recheck your profile by deleting each composing curve or line individually, then undo again. if a curve or line is still there before undoing you might’ve an extra one lying over the similar geometry.

Thanks UFO!! That was the problem-I had hidden entities in the sketch.