So 2004

So, I am building my first website as a designer.
I am going into Product design. I started a blog about my work, project, passion, inspiration, etc… and essays. Put it looks so 2004, and the presentation so amateurish that i decided to build a website, less ghetto (I’s joking!)

I started one with, but now will move to cause it looks more “neat” and light. This is new territory for me
Just wondering if someone has ideas or experience with the best websites for making an online portfolio

I’m a stickler for learning some programming. Programming logic can be applied to many things and even designers should know a little bit, especially to build their own portfolios. Premade websites are very generic and having your own gives you a character/makes you stand out from the competition.

I’d definitely pick up some HTML and CSS. Smashingmagazine has good tutorials (do a search) for both css and HTML. You can do some neat stuff.

It will take up a big chunk of your time (budget 2 weeks for a fully functioning, well-coded website), especially when you’re starting new. I’d find a friend who knows a bit and have them help (but concentrate on learning yourself). When you go through college, you’ll probably want to revamp the site 2-3 times. CSS 3.0 is out and HTML 5.0 is probably going to be more widely used now.

It’s summer break anyway, might as well learn some coding.

I built mine using I found it really easy to use, (which took about 30 mins) not neccessarily template based once you get the hang of it (although there’s nothing wrong with a template) everything in it is adjustable and it’s really adaptable if you know some programming - see their examples. They were really helpful when I started out.

I’d use them every time, I have two website with them as it is. That said, it all depends on what you want a website for. It’s not always the best tool for getting work etc, as you need to get lots of traffic. You can have the best site and work in the world, but if no one knows where it is etc. This really is the key, getting lots of hits/ranking/listings/links/spiders to your site, which can be really difficult. Or you can put your portfolio on a searchable site which has already done this, which is what Coroflot is for. I don’t know how many people get work from coroflot listings but it’s a good idea to have a blanket approach. They are all tools to get you where you want to be.


product tank

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