Snowboard product design help

I was wondering if anyone could help me out in finding firms or companies that do a great deal of snow sport product design in the Vancouver B.C. area. I am mainly interested in snowboarding products!! I have many interests in Vancouver thus i was hoping to relocate out to that area, but if you know of any bomb companies/firms anywhere in the west Rockies (Canada and US) I would love to hear about them. Product design, R&D, testing, concepts, what ever! (If it involves the snowboard/ski markets, I’m in!!)

P.S. I am also trying to locate the North America Salomon Design/R&D Department, but have come up short.


Here is the link that I think will help with you search for Salomon Design jobs.

Good luck! I have been trying for several years as an engineer/designer to break into the sporting goods, specifically snowboarding industry. I hope you have more luck than I have so far :wink: .

Take it easy, also post how the search turns out, I would love to see someone make it!

Hello bcmontana,

It’s not the greatest job site, but I did get a bunch of contact information from this place:

The best thing about the site is that they are affiliated with all the big name companies. Check them out. I know some of the companies may not be in the West Coast area, but like you said: “If it involves the snowboard/ski markets, I’m in!!”…

Try also these guys:

One&Co. [ ]
SanFrancisco, CA
The only contact name i have is Catherine Bailey… prob HR…

Also, some of the BC companies and firms (not necessarily snowboard/ski design) are listed here:

I hope this helps! Good luck!

I think your first try would be Burton, in Burlington, VT. Look through the jobs on Coroflot…seems like they were looking for an industrial designer not too long ago.

Also, Salomon used to have a design center in Boulder, CO, but I think it has since closed, and moved elsewhere.

Not sure if this helps…

Might be out of your geographical preference, but I head through the grapevine that K2 was gearing up to hire a few bag, shoe, and binding designers.

hey BCMontana…

have you tried looking up “optionNFA” in downtown Van-city?? I know they were looking for someone around this time last year.

checkem out…if you need more info, get back to me (i might still have the job ad from the globe and mail)

good luck.