Snowboard Gloves Project

Alright so I’ve been lurking these forums for years but haven’t contributed much. I’ve seen how much you all contribute to projects and how much it helps the designer. That being said I’ve decided to share a new project of mine and I’m hoping you all will give feedback.

The project started from necessity. I need a new pair of gloves for this season. After doing standard research on gloves and what not, I couldn’t find anything I was crazy about in my price range. So I’ve decided to design and sew up my own pair for the season.

I’ve started a project guide on “” to get input from snowboarders, but am starting one here to get input from designers and people with experience in softgoods.

My senior thesis was a soft goods project, and I’m still really interested in the area so I see this as a great opportunity to learn, develop my portfolio, and possibly create a business out of it.

Also I am nervous because I havent done this type of thing on here, but I’m not afraid of constructive criticism!

Here are some of my initial sketches. Soon I will be ordering material to begin sewing up prototypes.

Some inspiration in terms of design and level of sketch:

Thanks Yo, those are some awesome portfolio’s. Do you guys think it is unrealistic to try to start a small handmade (by me) glove company with how much is on the market already?

I was reading the article about Nicholas Everett from Vanport Outfitters and was thinking that’s what I want to do, build a small brand based on beautiful handmade products (gloves in this case).

I recently read an article about this company :
He quickly found out that not only him, but others too wanted a customized snowboard.

You make a good observation that the gloves market is possibly over saturated, but you also decided to make your own gloves after doing research with what is currently available. What are the reasons why you decided to make your own? If you start a glove company, I think those reasons should be the foundation. Here’s an idea: A bulletproof handmade glove that is guaranteed for life; if it needs repair, send it back to company for a free fix.

I like your designs so far. Will there be a removable inside liner glove? That is one of the features that I like about my own snowboard gloves, as I could just use the liner glove as a regular glove when I’m not boarding. I also like the kevlar protection for board grabs - does the location of the protection cover most tricks/grabs?

Another feature on my own gloves is a “snot” rag on the top of the index finger. It’s a bit disgusting, yes, but I actually use it.

That is literally exactly what I was thinking.

I was looking to spend around 75 dollars fore something like this but couldnt find anything I knew wouldn’t fall apart after a seaon. There are companies such as “hestra” making very nice gloves but they are double the cost.

Does this mean I would be devaluing the work If I’m not worried about a huge profit margin? If people will pay 150 should I charge that much or go cheaper so they feel (and are) like they are getting and unbeatable value?

These are the type of questions I have for you guys who know a lot more than I do about selling your goods.

Edit: also a friend of mine sent me this article:4 Reasons Why The Future Of Capitalism Is Homegrown, Small Scale, And and I thought it was pretty interesting.

I’m a big fan of Chrome Bags. Read their story here: Messenger Bags, Backpacks & Tech Gear | Chrome Industries

I’ve seen their bags but didn’t know much about the company. This kind of stuff is so Inspiring!

For a pair of high-quality, handmade by a person (estimate several hours of work per pair for construction), life-time warranty glove (you will have to skew the pricing to pay yourself later for your repair time), custom-made, low-quantity, using high-quality materials, you’re looking somewhere around $200-$300 per pair to remain profitable. Just an estimate, but a realistic one.

I just got a pair of these -
(actually brighter yellow in person, super different)

Made in USA, Goatskin with Merino wool blend lining. $120 online (I got mine in a store).

Fits like a glove :slight_smile:


I’ve just PM’d you with a great idea. I commute 40 miles a day in the UK, year round, by motorcycle, and had this brainwave this morning.

I think that one thing to consider in snowboarding is fast changing trends.
It`s like fashion industry, each season crazy new collections come out.

That raises a question if people actually want such expensive gloves that last them several years when they can spend much less and buy a new trendy pair each season.

But Im sure theres at least some sort of niche market for these.