what are your opinions on them especially regarding the prices? (price range goes up to even $7,500!) are they going to be a big flop?

I personally think it is garbage. almost like the “luxary” sean john shoes, I mean maybe some fools will go out an buy at that price, like the same ones that will buy one of his watches. But They just dont look or seem like anything new or at the same time dont even look that high end.


Up to $795???
That is ridiculous.
The shoes are ugly and only made uglier by the tacked on jewelry.
The designs are very pedestrian and don’t appear to have any guts.
You can buy a pair of old lady shoes at Payless and some costume jewelry at the dollar store and make these for nothing.

Wait a minute.
You said $17,500?

In that case, what a deal.

No, you said $7,500.


This just has my head spinning.
I have to go lie down.

Rip off remakes of old school sneakers blinged out? I guess there is a market for anything.

I’ve posted this before on another bulletin board.

Jacob and co reminds me of childrens toys

Not a good look IMO.

Wish it’d been my idea though. Seems like a clever way of extracting $$$ from people with more money than sense! :laughing:

There’s definitely a market for people willing to pay for something just because it’s the most expensive, thinking it’s somehow better just because of the price. They pay for the exclusiveness, that only they can afford it. Usually justifies the wack design as something “new” and over everybody elses heads.


You know, I would have sent that white one back to be remade because the embroidery is shitty and doesn’t match the leather - they’re not even that good quality are they?

great company they are making new shoes with smaller prices about $155 they will be sick You can go to finish line or foot Action to get them the boss is Brian Krauss and CEO of motown Kedar Massenburg. Future super brand :smiley: [/quote]

they look cheap! not trying to be racist or anything but i could totally see old asian women wearing these with their fake vuitton bags…

The luxury shoe market is infrequently discussed here so it is important to consider perspective, the cost/value relationship of these products is relative to its market, that is why they are boutique items- ergo, if you were a high platinum selling rap artist without a high school education these may be a great deal as a socioeconomic statement.

They are pretty bad, in my opinion, and I know a thing or two about game.

if you were a high platinum selling rap artist without a high school education these may be a great deal as a socioeconomic statement.

yeah or a dorky white kid trying to look ‘urban’…
to be honest im not sure which demographic makes more fashion faux pas’s, educated or non. i seem to notice more bourgeois douche bags getting it wrong than the lower socio economic ‘hip hop’ market.