sneaker material question

i am a HK design student, my recent project is about a new sneaker which need some material have high impact resistant and very low coefficient of friction, i know that some snowboard will and aggressive in-line skating blade will use UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polythylene) to make. Do that PE expensive? and do it requir some special industry process to use that material? And because i have to make some testing model to proovide my concept, i am consider to use nylon to make the model, there are many type of nylon, which one is also have high impact resistant and low coefficient of friction? And can it easily buy form material shop?

I’m not sure what you want to do with the UHMW, but since it is just a plastic- it can be formed from sheet, or injected.

As far as the nylon- you might want to start with thin Ballistic nylon. Its not usually at every fabric store or supplier, but a little digging around usually turns up some. If you were in the US, I could tell you a couple places online- but not overseas, sorry.