Sneaker Last

Does anyone have any resources or link to companies that supply Sneaker Last? I’m more of a hands on person and I would like to actually design around one. BTW I’m a newbie here so please excuse this question if it seems stupid :smiley:

Im pretty sure that there are places were you can get some, but I think doing a tape up is a far better and inexpensive alternative.

Dont know what a tape up is? Its simple. Get a shoe. Cover it up in masking tape and draw, color over the tape.

Heres an example Ak47Celtics did:

That’s a pretty good idea XDragon. I never thought about that. I would really like to keep the actual sole out of the picture though. I just want to design the uppers. I might try that though. Thanks for the promt response.

I’d go the tape up route, drawing on the last won’t give you the feel of the offsets from all the material thicknesses (but if you tape up the last, you can peal it all of and then cut a pattern from that)… look for a shoe with similar proportions, last shape, and tooling that you like and start from there.

Have fun.

Yeah those were my intentions to tape the last and cut out the patterns. I’ve actually found a company that supplies last so I’m gonna try them out. Aprreciate the help peoples.

tape up is probably a better way to go if you are just playing around with a design. it will give you a more realistic upper as Yo mentioned.

I’m not sure who you’ve already found, but you can always try Jones and Vining, one of the largest lastmakers.

I’m not sure what you could get from them without $$$, but if you are student, maybe they could send you some old lasts to check out.

Another option that’s also been mentioned elsewhere in these forums is to pour plaster into a shoe to make your own “copy” of a last. requires a bit of finishing, but will give a decent approximation for design exploration and you can make multiple copies of the same last.

If you do get your hands on a last you like, something to also check out is a vac formed shell. They use them a lot mostly in dress shoes design. I’m not sure what resources you have available, but if you are in an ID program and have access to a vac forming machine, or know someone who is, you could make some shells using a commodity plastic formed onto a last (either a real plastic or aluminum last or one made out of plaster or wood should work.). I’ve never used it myself, or tried to make a shell, but seen it around lots in european fashion design studios.


Order lasts from here.

Taping the last is good and then can be used to create your patterns however i personally prefer to vac form the last and draw on that. I also sometimes use car designer tape straight onto the last which is really good, smooth and quick.

As Shoenista said, Spring Line do great student deals but are in the UK.

one note- taping is good, but dont forget to also sketch. sketching and drawing are still the most important skills for a footwear designer.