sneaker fine art

Sneakerheadz…Do you have a favorite pair of kicks you want to have hanging on your wall in an entirely new way? I am taking commisions on new paintings. You send me or tell me your favorite shoes and I will interpret them in acrylic on canvas for you. Please email me for pricing and scheduling. thanks guys…

WTF is up with that last post!?

I got it.

The works look great. I like how you can see the texture an movement in the works through the stroke work.

I will keep that in mind…gotta find the right shoe- maybe u could paint on a couple pairs an would buy that- an also custom -paint the box aswell.

(been meaning to bet back to you- talk wit you soon)

one side note- on the painting- then I think could show more cropping. zooming in on areas an painting an then maybe showing many angles. some of them seem static- but because of the brush stroke it brings life to it. I want to see more exploration an size of canvas also maybe trying long rectangles or sizes ingeneral.

great work overal