Sneaker design question

I have changed my major from ID to illustration so I can continue to hone my drawing skills… I want to design sneakers…eye wear… clothing etc… My question is am I better off taking a minor in the fashion end of things that concentrate on sneaker design or getting out (on time…4 years) with a degree in illustration and go for a Master’s to focus on the sneaker and clothing design end of things… Can’t do it in 4 years currently… any advice… going to SCAD but would like to end up (if grad school) in Boston or New York… Is it possible to get into the sneaker design business with Illustration??

While i’m sure it’s not impossible i think you would have a very difficult time becoming a footwear designer with only a background in illustration and not ID. The majority (with exceptions, of course) footwear designers are either IDers or have studied specific footwear design courses. Illustration won’t get you too far, IMHO.


Switch back to ID!

What school are you at? Did you talk to any advisors before making this decision.

I would stick with ID then take classes in fashion (especially if they have an accessory design class/department/minor)

This just brought a horrible flashback to me as my professors tried to push me out of the ID department in my sophomore year and into illustration as they thought it would be a better fit for me… none of them had ever had corporate ID job, so I have no idea what they were basing their “recommendation” on.

Well those answers definately shines a new light on things. I have always been drawing and since I have started industrial design, I feel like I am way more into the drawing end of things, not the model making. Currently I go to SCAD. I have been designing T-shirts for quite some time now also. I have started a clothing company Liminal Industries and feel like this is where my passion is. I guess my biggest problem is I still don’t have a clear idea of what I want to be when I grow up. Yes designing sneakers would be incredible since I have always had a love for sneakers, but I want to run a company of whatever I do. And I know the deal is a person has to go through the ranks, I understand that. But overall I feel like if I were in illustration, it would help my potential for where I “feel” I want to be years from now. This is a big decision for me because now I am almost done with the first semester of sophomore year, and I am doing the best I can with not falling behind but a decision must be made. I have heard many times where people have said things can’t be done, but this all the more reason to prove the people wrong. I believe anything can be done if your mind is into it. And although that may sound cliche, its true. If I want to be successful then I have to be the best at what I do. And I’m sure thats something you both understand because your on the top of your fields. Any suggestions that can be made would be great because once again, I am still in a hard place at completely defining what I would like to do. Thanks