Sneaker Design Employment In NY????

Hello everyone Im a senior Industrial design major at Pratt about to graduate in May and I’m curious if anyone knows about any sneaker companies hiring in NY. My Work- Daniel Stevens, Super Designer in Brooklyn, NY

For a senior I would say your work needs some serious refinement before you enter the industry. Have a look at some of the students work on this site. Digitalvision is a senior at Parsons in footwear, his work is a good barometer:

check it:

thanks for the shout out-

if you would like to see a ref of some of my work (website is underconstruction) link:

for your work some comments:

proj-2 (wolf paws)

first thing looked over the inspiration. The paws is an interesting find but can be pushed further. also researching into slippery surfaces and finding why maybe having a flat surface might create less friction/ traction therefore making it more slippery. or would your show only be really geared to off trail runners? I think choosing the shoes purpose and taking the research further your shoe will come to life. would also work on the proportions/ check out Yo’s link in the footwear section/ under announcements.

also one thing maybe to add with a running shoe for winter is … getting the show to stay out of your socks and down your shoe…once the socks are wet…the run begins be a drag.

also maybe this could be applied? google “snowshoes”

proj-5 (ancient greek nike)

I like how you are showing more of your sketches and sketch studies of your inspirations. (I would show more or more views that take us into what your final is)
also you mention having a “herringbone pattern” on the outsole what I dont see the herringbone being applied, I think you could so some functional patterns maybe passed of hieroglyphics or map navigations/ or looking into the nile river. and how the structures really play off of the nile…maybe the nile could represent the nike air…and how you apply the design around the nike air unit would be influenced by the structures…? dumb ideas…but I think you can research more and show more ideation…thought process.

you have interesting inspirations/ but feel as though the concepts don’t show me all of that excitement I am feeling when thinking of where you could go with them.

I hope this helps a lil, If you would like contact me I will try an help more. But I think what you have started to do, by just posting here for crit is a good step, I would keep on posting projects.


Hey Yo thanks for the advice I havent had much exposure to any really good work like the work in those links so now I see what I lack, and where I need to step up my game.

Yeah mike I see what your saying, Next time I get some work Ill post it up again your comments really made sense.