Sneak Peek feedback

We are planning on turning the old platform off this Sunday night and transferring the last data over early Monday. The boards should be back online sometime Monday. :crossed_fingers:


Nice. I hope everyone likes it too!

I found in the preferences that each individual can set what they want their main page to be (latest, categories, etc…)

Though now that I’m used to it I kind of like the “latest” view as the main page anyway :slight_smile:

I also really like how when I look at the categories page, the latest still shows on the right.

Firstly thank you for having this platform. As a new user i would like to share few things i found missing:

  • Compatibility on Mobile platform
  • How to create a new post /start a new topic in Discussion
  • How to be more involved outside Discussion Forum? For e.g. I see new articles that get published but there are no clear guidelines on how to submit your article for consideration.

I do really appreciate having this platform and interacting with the design community but did struggle with the above points as a new user.

Hi @Anmol_Sarin - Thanks for participating here, welcome aboard! As for your points:

  • Mobile compatibility is something we can look into - please let me know what device and browser you are using, either here or in a DM.
  • To make a new topic a user must be at a certain trust level in the system, we are still playing with the threshold in general, but I just bumped you into the next level so you can post a topic. There is a button in the top right side of categories.
  • Core77 has a number of ways to get involved. If you have an article idea you can write to blogs-at-core77-dot-com . If you have a project or case study you can submit it for publication here: Reader Projects - Core77 .

Thank you for the feedback.

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thank you so much for responding, clarifying, and considering my feedback.

Regarding mobile compatibility: I am using Google Chrome on my Android-based Samsung galaxy Z flip.
Also, I am not sure if core77 has a dedicated app for the platform, may be that can help elevate the mobile experience. I can certainly share more in detail in DM

Looking forward to contributing in the community

Seems to be random old, old, threads showing up. Odd because there is no new comment.

A few replies have been getting snagged by the spam filters or flagged as spam which might be raising some of the old topics even after the spam was deleted. Also when someone hits the heart button on an old post it raises it to the top I think.