Sneak Peek feedback

Hello power users - thanks for checking out the new Core77 boards platform. If you have any feedback please leave it here.

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WOW, super confused. Where are the latest posts?

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Sorry, I should have mentioned that the data here is from a couple of weeks ago. The most recent posts on the old boards will not appear here until we make the final move.

I like a lot of the new functionality, IE just hearting posts you agree with. The pop up posting window also seems a lot more functional.

Dragging and dropping an image into the post pop up! Yes, that is nice.

Maybe because I’m an old person now, I find the page you land on a little visually confusing. Maybe it’s just new. So is the “categories” pull down the best way to wade into specific categories vs the old boards start page which was basically the categories list?

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I just went through the settings and could not find a way to make the “home page” default to categories. This new discussion platform is built around pushing out recent activity, so I see their reasoning. If it still feels strange after using it for a while we can look into ways of customizing things.

You can start yourself out in categories by bookmarking this page: . I’ve sorted it so that it matches the former organization.

That makes sense @shaggy (I also love how we can @ members now!)

That category view is great. One thing that is throwing me is the variety of colors. My brain keeps trying to make sense of them. Could the colors align to categories? Check out this little mockup.

Also, it seems to really compress images. Is that possible to change or am I missing a preference there when I upload?

Been away a while, happy to see the email notification about the forums! Popping in to check out how things are. At least for me, it’s pretty easy to “heart” posts and make replies. Images appear ok to me on my phone. I’ll probably be using my phone more often for forums, so this discourse format works for me.

One thing that I need to get used to is the categories layout. I typically hit the banner at the top to go to “home page” which brings me to the latest topics. I’ll have to remember to tap the dropdown on the left to navigate to the categories page, or the hamburger on the right to see a dropdown of a sample of some categories.

Overall cool!

Thanks for the suggestion! I aligned the sub-cats with their top level color like your mockup.

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I just changed a setting, moving the threshold for compression from 500kb to 2.5mb. It seems to affect the “original” image only, which you’ll see when clicking on the thumbnail in the thread.

Here is a test image which I’ve posted then downloaded. It is 2.4mb and did not get compressed by the system as a result…

This is a 7.4mb version and it got compressed, the system reduces the pixel dimensions of the image as well as its file size.:

Both are presented in the thread as thumbnails of 1000x1000. When you roll over the images you’ll see the differences at the bottom.


Welcome back @thedinomeister !


tapping the CATEGORIES button at the top might give you more what you are looking for. that view shows the categories and unread new posts.

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Much nicer, we tend to be image hogs in here :slight_smile:

@shaggy one thing I can’t figure out is how to jump to the latest post in a discussion. Not a big deal for new topics but for old topics that were imported like “doodling” it seems like you have to scroll through thousands of posts… or I can’t seem to find the ability to jump down… maybe I can sort?
Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 2.45.00 PM

Discourse has an interesting UI feature that let’s you “scrub” a discussion: here it is on the desktop:

Also, each thread remembers where you left off. If you haven’t been to a thread before (on this new system) it starts you at the top.

OMG, I knew I must be missing something! Thanks!

Also the color coding is really helping my eyes know where to go, thanks for doing that @shaggy

No problem! Appreciating the feedback!

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This is much nicer on mobile as well.

@shaggy when were you thinking about making the change over for everyone else? Now that I’m used to this one going back to the old one feels like going back in time :smiley: