snail-mail vs e-mail

If you are in the position of hiring, do you prefer being approached by regular mail or by e-mail by the prospect designer?

…no preference here…however, it might take days for me to get around to snailmail…email finds me where ever i am.


it really comes down to quality of the work - over either. Of course you already know this… I’ve found success sending pdf’s out over the net - and power point. I think however, a hard copy (snail mail) - is still the most solid way to present your work. You have the most control over the end result when the potential employer sees it.

My suggestion is - send pdf’s as an introduction or “teaser” rather - then follow up with a hard copy. Some places only need to see the pdf - then they’ll have you come in for an interview.

Hope this helps…

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I have never heard of snail mail.

A clear definition of snail mail would really be helpful. Someone mentioned snail mail being a hard copy of your work. Is this true???

Snail mail is where you send something by ground mail as opposed to email. It takes longer to get there, and hence it’s called snail mail.

Thank you for the explanation.
I learn something new every day.


you guys are awesome! Thank you!