Smooth line rendering with Studiotools

I am sort of new to studiotools and I am having a hell of a time trying to get the hidden line renderings to have smoothed lines. I have tried playing with the tesselator values, and mesh tolerances. Does anybody know how I can get the lines smooth?

I’ve found that to be one of life’s great mysteries…

You can get somewhat passable results by adjusting the post blur filter values. From what I can tell, you can’t get a really great set of anti-aliased lines straight out of StudioTools.

If someone has found a way to do it quickly and efficiently I’d be thrilled to learn!

WindowDisplay > Smooth

Thanks, that actually works pretty well for screen capturing the windows, but then you’re limited to the screen resolution you’re working with. I think that Raffi99 is referring to the issue that occurs when creating a hidden line “rendering” at a very high resolution rather than the hidden line “toggle” you’re referring to.

Yes, you are correct. I am trying to smooth it out in the rendering.

another way

…Render for higher size ( ex. Vistavision)
u can skip post blurr in this case.

View full resolutionimage…save as *.tiff.

Select -Scale & reduce down the size in photoshop…crop
u will get better line work. (But it will be thin/crisp…in nature.)