Smart E-bike

One of my friends just sent me this video, very cool stuff.

It’s cool to see a bit of the process behind the bike and the fact that they built what looks to be a real prototype. Great design too, big fan of the seat and tail-light, frame geometry is nice too but looks like most of the form is created by the plastic fairings, would have like to see more of the form conveyed throught the actual structure. Really intergrated design overall though.

On a second note, I always thought smart would come out with a folding type of bike, maybe something to fit in its fleet of cars?

Wow, beautiful piece of machinery and great final execution. Love the iphone dock that doubles as a security/info display.

Thanks for sharing.

Amazing. It has been 10+ years since I saw my first Ebike. This is by far the nicest and best thought out one I have ever seen. I love all of the details. The way they hide the battery so compact and simple. The front light tucked into the bars. This actually makes me very excited to see one. Also there use of very standard bike parts was very nice to see. Serviceability looked pretty straight forward and well thought out. I did not see and estimated retail but the thought and detail makes me think fairly high price. Very cool.


As ebike’s go, I’m generally not a big fan but this is a great bike. I’m sure there are some drawbacks to using smaller batteries (maybe?) but I’m very impressed. And best of all, it looks like a bike! There’s not a stupid hubless wheel. You actually pedal it, and they used the Carbon Belt drive system which I’m slowly jumping on the bandwagon for.

Great job.

Looks great, I would love to see and ride one in person. Are they for sale now?

Very nice. I think I can see the start of the evolution of electric bikes with this one, it reminds me of looking at a c.1915 motorcycle where you can see both the heritage of the bicycle and the future motorbike.

The company that makes this is, and they’ve got some uglier/ more-utalitarian models as well. Funny geometry (handlebars under the seat line) and I can’t understand the rear end (pivot points or bolts?) but impressive electric power specs:
(image file from flickr doesn’t work):
All sizes | GRACE_RACE | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I wonder if yiou can keep a spare battery at work and load it up?

I like the video, I like the ideas, I really like some of the details…

But i cant get my self to like the final result, and thats really bothering me right now.