Smart Design's Ted Booth Speaks at Apple Store SOHO - Nov 12

Smart Design Interaction Design Director presents on multi-disciplinary approach to design at AIGA’s Design Remixed.

Interaction Design Director Ted Booth will present as part of AIGA and Apple’s “Pro Sessions: Design Remixed” speaker series on Wednesday, November 12th at the Apple Store Soho in New York.

The “Pro Sessions: Design Remixed” series focuses on how professionals today are redefining their creative process. The series features speakers sharing their insights into the changing landscape of design and discuss how design has evolved and creativity has diversified beyond any single discipline.

The session will address how almost three decades ago, Smart Design began practicing a multi-disciplinary approach to design, establishing ways to emotionally connect people with products and experiences. Today their strength is a unique ability to encode a brand’s personality and values into every aspect of their work. The result is a design solution that builds bonds between companies and their customers.

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