Small table

Hi Guys ! just thought i would share a project that i been working on. the real objective here was to design a piece that could be suitable for production. please give some feedback and any advice as to what mfg process is best suited for the piece. :slight_smile: thanks.

The rod stock would be cut to length, then bent by a machine (or a person but I doubt that). The tacked together with a welder, then powder coated. The aesthetic you go for is really not my personal taste or style, so much so I don’t want to comment any more on that.

Thanks simon! …was here thinking if it could be plasma cut? and cost cheaper per unit/time vs
welding pieces together… :slight_smile:

The rod should be pretty cheap and have almost no waste, where as sheet metal will have waste and by the look of the renderings, would not be appropriate for the design.

You need to think material versus process. A little furniture “history” would help as well.

The style of your table is decidedly “old world” blacksmith-ed ironmongery. To achieve the visual “weight” of the structural elements they would have to be cut from something like 1/2" plate (to resemble 1/2" bar stock). And as simon points out, the waste would be significant, and considering the rising cost of steel not at all profitable. You could bend this material if you applied heat from an acetylene torch… but keeping all those bends in the same plane would be a challenge. CNC bending equipment would be the best route for any serious production quantities.

If you are piqued by laser cutting, consider the following example… not of my particular liking, but it certainly illustrates the capability/technique.