Small scale wooden prototype

Hey guys, I’m quite a newbie when it comes to product development and prototyping. I’ve recently designed a product I’m very serious about and I want to make a wooden prototype because that would be the material used for most of the item. I live in south Louisiana so I’m not in a big design influenced area. I do not know where to start, or who to look for to contact. It is very small scale product so it would be quite easily manufactured. I’ve done a quick carving of it just to rough it out in balsa wood.

What is the next step?

Anything helps, thanks!

If it’s something that can be made by hand, there will be a bunch of custom woodworkers near you who can do it. Otherwise, look for places that offer CNC routing. Should be at least a couple around New Orleans, possibly in sign shops or custom cabinet shops. This whole process will be a lot easier if you have good engineering drawings, so I would start there if you don’t.

Thank you for the reply. It has electrical components as well, that’s where I’m stuck.

It has electrical components as well, that’s where I’m stuck.

That’s pretty general statement… there is a difference between electrical and electronic; electrical usually refers to things powered by electricity, like, lights, motors, heating elements, etc. While also powered by electricity, electronic usually refers to devices requiring circuitry logic, transistors, etc.; computers, printers, scanners, cellphones, televisions, radios, and such.

If you need to “design” something for your project you may need an electrical engineer … or even a serious hobbyist. Do you have a Radio Shack store near you? There would be a pretty good chance that you could find someone local if you asked the clerk.

Hello dude.If you do not have too much experienced to build the wooden scale you must concern those people who has much experienced to build the scale which is near to your house.If it build up then you show me the pic of that scale?

Contact the ID students and/or Professor Malinowski at the U of Louisiana - Lafayette. Maybe they could point you in the right direction.