Small-run Glassware Production?

I may be in need of a company to produce a limited line (20 to 30) custom stemware glasses. Are there any U.S. based companies that would accommodate such a run? Or should I seek out a specialized glass artist?

Anyone have experience with this?



This thread ran some time ago. Taking over the family business... - #2 by Lmo

It was started by Phillip Stankard ( Philip Stankard, IDSA, Industrial Designer at GE Healthcare in McFarland, WI )

and was about his taking over his father’s business; Stankard Studio Artists ( ).

You may want to try contacting either of them.

Good luck!

I did a number of hand blown glass lamps a few years back that I built a giant mold for- 2 part machined out monster with lift off hinges. Used a local glass blower here in Los Angeles named Josh Gilfand from Revolution Glass

He was great to work with. In hindsight though, the mold was probably a waste of time. He had enough control that I could have built some masonite templates that we could have worked off of.

I would guess, unless you have a monster budget, find a local blower. OR, find someone that that works at a larger company and see if he does side work after hours.

Hope that helps.