Small questions

Well, since I’m in my second highschool year (well, starting in Sept. - 10th grade, to be more precise) I was having some questions:

  1. Are any good consumer product design faculties/colleges in California? If not, maybe in the Northeastern area? Or even better, in the UK?

  2. Are there any ones who offer full coverage of education costs? I live in Romania, and it’s part of the EU, maybe does this influence it with something?

3.AFAIK to get admitted you have to be very active (e.g. different extra-curricular activities, having taken part in different contests, having a (online?) portfolio with different works, etc.) - if, let’s say, I work more on my own portfolio and passing the baccalaureate and the Deutschsprach Diplom than having extra-curricular activities, will it affect me with anything?

  1. I suppose that each of the students must buy for himself all the software? Faculties/colleges don’t support it, right?

1: All of those areas have an exceptional selection of schools.

2: I am not sure of the financial aid process for students outside of the US, you should be able to speak with a high school advisor about this specifically. Typically nothing will “Fully” cover college expenses, like many students you will need to borrow the money and re-pay it at a later time.

3: This all depends on the school. Some schools require portfolios to show that you have an artistic background, others may only care about standardized testing scores and grades. Having some extra-curricular activities couldn’t hurt, but it will really depend on the school and the specific admissions criteria they look for.

4: Students must pay for the software typically but most software offers educational copies which are very low cost or free. Solidworks for example is ~$100 a year rather than several thousand dollars, and Autodesk gives away almost all of their software to students for educational use only.