Small questionnaire to help with dissertation?

Hello fellow Vinyl Addicts,

My name is Holly and I’m in my final year of studying Graphic Design at Plymouth College of Art. My dissertation is on the culture surrounding Urban Vinyl and the addictive qualities these little creatures seem to hold. If any of you have 5 minutes to spare could you possibly help me out and fill in this little questionnaire?
Thanks in advance, and much love!

Holly xx

1: When did you first start collecting vinyl toys and what was the first piece you bought?

2: What is it about vinyl that you find so intriguing?

3: Do you think there is an element of nostalgia in your personal attachment to designer toys?

4: Did your passion for collecting vinyl come from a fascination or collection of any other items (such as Star Wars figures)?

5: Are you an artist or designer yourself?

6: Do you make your own toys, customise other toys (such as action figures) or use DIY blank toys?

7: What other areas of culture/fashion/style do you subscribe to? (I’m not suggesting pigeonholing yourselves, this is more to get an idea of the kind of person the vinyl culture attracts)

8: Would you say you have a lot of disposable income to support your toy habits, or do you ever find yourself skimping on necessities such as food in order to get the latest release?

9: Who is your favourite vinyl designer/artist?

10: Favourite figure?

11: What is the most you’ve ever spent on a single figure?

12: Finally, how big is your collection?