Small Consumer Product Design Firms?

I’m looking to get an internship this summer, and I really want to find a smaller ID firm that does a lot of consumer products. I want to be able to get a lot of hands on learning so I think a smaller firm would let me experience that, and I want to be able to see a verity of projects. Anyone know of any good places to start looking?


Yeah, It really depends on where you are from. Like if you were in SF you might try, One and Co., Lunar, or INNO. The thing is they’re not really that small, and you’ve got to be really good to even get a call back. lol. At least the people at Lunar are helpful when denying you. lol.

If you are on the East Cosat or anywhere near it, I would recomend Evo. The director there is great, and he often will give applicants contacts at other places.

Yeah, let us know where you’re at…that would be a starting point.

I didn’t start this thread, but I was wondering just about the same thing. I checked with the university, but most of the stuff is out of state, and I have to stay and take summer courses and work.
Any ideas?

Check out Coroflot for the state of Arizona, it looks like there’s a bunch of possiblities in Phoenix and the surrounding area…

How do I search corflot?
I log in, go to the job board, advanced search, but when I search for anything in Az, nothing comes up.
Is there something I’m missing, or am I just dumb? :blush:

in Az now. The FEW that are here can be found at:

click on ‘design community’ then click on ‘professional’

ChowMAN - Under “Design Sourcebook” on the main Coroflot page, click on the “Advanced Search” and you’ll be able to narrow your Design Firm search to the state of Arizona…

you can also search based on how many people work at a firm BTW

Ok, now I see the error of my ways.
When do you guys think I should start contacting these places?
I’m pretty sure some of my professors have worked for a couple of these firms, will that do me any good?
I should as mention that I’m still in lower divsion, so my portfolio is mostly abstract pieces from my studios. :cry:
I am also a junior in Mechanical Engineering, and have designed and built a few things, but nothing spectacular. Do I even have a chance? I really want to start interacting with the design industry to gain experiece and skills, but also to beef up my resume and develop industry contacts. I switched from ME to IND to Dual maj, so I’d like to focus on design, but don’t know what my chances are.
Any advice/pointers/knowledge would be appreciated.

If your professors have some connections…by all means, use 'em. Create a list of possibilities, pick up the phone, explain your situation, and see if someone in the office would be willing to sit down and have an ‘informal’ interview. I know cold calling can be a nerve wracking experience…trust me, I’ve been there, done that. But, cold calling has actually landed me a job. You never know, some design firm may just have an opening that fits your skillset. And remember, the worst that can happen is they tell you “No.”

You may consider putting together a nice portfolio of some engineering stuff, and also some of the design projects your currently working on.

Hope this helps

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I see your point, but I would prefer to start in a big company…
that way you start with a little less reasponsibility :slight_smile: and more people to know.
after a year or so you can chose your own field inside the company or in another…