small cars

i didnt find a topic with that title, so here it is.
let’s begin with a very small car indeed, The PEEL P50. :wink:

check out top gear’s funny video:

Messerschmitt Tiger

Fiat Multipla 600

NSU Prinz

Here is one that BMW made in the 50s


i didnt know about the previous one. so i did some research,
built under license from Iso, it looks like there were different models of the BMW Isetta (1955)

the previous one is the Isetta 600, and it’s a 4-seater ! :astonished:

the iconic model though, is the Isetta 250, it’s supposed to be a 2+1 seater
note how the side windows and bumpers are different,

Isetta 250

Isetta 300

haha, i love it! :stuck_out_tongue:

2 words… Doctor. Seuss.

Remember Steve Urkel had the BMW? Guy had taste

i love small cars.

always been a huge fan of the suzuki cappuccino:

i didnt find a topic with that title …

I know that we’ve covered this ground before, but I’ll damned if I can find it. No matter…

Three favorites of mine; all under-powered, and all more fun to drive than anything on the road today, IMO.

Fiat 850 Spider; 817cc (US model), 49bhp

Austin Healey “Bug Eye” Sprite (MkI and MkII (1958-64 respectively)); 948cc (46bhp) , going for around $18Large right now (on the low end).

MG Little Person (Midget) pre-1974 only; 1275 cc (65bhp)

1968 MG Midget.jpg

Fiat 850 Spyder.jpg

it is a real fun car, just remove the electronic limiter … and you have 180kmh max speed.

Just a warning on RHD cars like the Suzuki: they can be banned. They just were in Quebec starting in October.

stumbled upon this, a baby cobra ( suzuki cappuccino reskinned)
the craftmanship is good, metal panel work to get this “Chibi - AC Cobra” look :astonished: (click on process)



I remember Top Gear a few years ago did a hill climb contest between some young punks in a hot hatch (Renault?- it was French) and some older cloth-cap-and-string-backed gloved wearing Sprite owners. I think the Sprite just lost.

My wifes dream car is a Karmann Ghia, so I bought her a model. They tend to be noisy, leaky, rusty with the tiny air-cooled VW engine, but they look so nice: