slow hand, fast eddie and our debt

I have been thinking a lot about our gig, and I have come to some simple conclusionsions (big surprise there). I think what is missing from ID/PDD now is a hand off, a passing of arcane knowlage from the old to the young. In the movie “color of money” fast eddie" comes out of retirement and in the process of sheperding a new hot talent along the path is energized to persue something he had given up on, he was for a long time over the hill in his mind as it were.

I am suggesting for some of us old war horses to do the same, take a youngun or 6 and give them the benifit of our scar tissue, a leg up as it were. The benifits to the public at large might be as simple as better stuff and who knows one or some of us. old codgers might don the tools again and say “I am back”…retirement sucks. I am ready, drop me a IM.


i am all in for learning from the experienced, but how would you suggest doing it? forums? tutorials? a blog? face to face?

drop me a im, do it over e mail…

I know your distaste for IDSA, but they’ve set up a round table discussion at the national conference for just this purpose - having young designers sitting down with seasoned vets to discuss what stays the same and whats changing.

Maybe they’re not so bad after all. :wink:

2 differences, they want/demand/ a “alm” (pound of flesh, quart of blood, memebership fee…all the same) I don’t AND at a round table you got a few hung over folk for a couple of hours for a day or two…BFD.

that’s exactly my qualm with IDSA. i kept up with the membership after school because of the discount, but I can’t justify paying what they are asking for for a magazine - I know they offer more, but given that I work in a company which won’t sponsor me going to the national conference etc… Those are the situations that would be useful…

I’ve had the same feeling that this is lacking in our field. I lucked out and had some great mentors, from my first boss Aaron, who showed me the ropes, to a chance friend through the IDSA named Jerry who worked with Raymond Loewy and had more war stories than anyone I ever met about the early days of the field. People like that are hard to find.

I’ve worked with several of you off line over the years when you were student’s and just starting out. My long term goal is to setup an apprenticeship like academy, and I’ve been doing some financial and business planning to make that happen in the future. I have a couple of “students” I work with now giving advice on projects and just talking design with, but eventually I’d like it to solidify into a small academy with about 10 students.

MY working name for it right now is the Launch Academy. These are some of the working teaser images I’ve been working on. I want to have a teaser site go live early next year.

hey zippy,

great idea. sharing knowledge is a great thing, and in this digital age it’s pretty easy to do.

I’d suggest the best thing is to set up a blog/forum to share all your insights. I did the same with my First Pullover footwear design.development blog in the hopes of sharing knowledge and the response has been great. I don’t post that regularly anymore, but when I used to post almost daily got more than 5000 hits/month.

Bottom line, just do it. It’s free, good karma, and if you have the time to put to it, is a great thing to “give back”.


might be fun, do i get to be the dean of sitting by the pool looking at the pretty girls?

nope. There is no sitting around at pools, it’s about design and busting your ass.

Launch is about taking it to the next level and learning how to push yourself while working along side an experienced professional. I have several “tracks” planned out. But I won’t go into an info-mercial.

Until I am ready to make the leap myself to doing this full time, I’ve been giving it away for free, up to a point, as Richard was saying. I’ve had several more involved “students” who subscribe to a fee based mentoring service. I haven’t talked about it on here, because it is not something I advertise. It just usually happens, I have a limited amount of time, so I can typically only handle 1-2 people at a time with my other responsibilities. I’m probably 15-20 years away from doing this on a more dedicated level, when I feel I’ll have enough of a diversified experience to be that experienced professional that can do this.

I’m sure you could do something like that if you become a bit more encouraging, maybe post up your portfolio so prospective students could see what you’ve worked on and gain a bit more trust in your abilities as a designer and more importantly see you as teacher/mentor who can aid them. It is difficult to hedge most of your posts in that direction, I feel my sarcasm is often misread as un-encouraging. I can’t help it, I’m from lower New York state.

Yup, best thing in something like this is have people come to you as opposed to trying to find them and begging to offer them some edu-ma-cation. Post yer stuff up, what you have to offer, and see how it goes…

less talk, more action :slight_smile:


LOL my portfolio is a half a gig…tad large for core

Didn’t the King have a song like that? “A little less talk, a little more action”

it’s not quantity, it’s quality…


dont i know, let me think about it, any of the kids that want me to mentor can have the url for the asking (provided the server is working Lol)

how/why would they pick you for a mentor if they can’t see your stuff first?

“kiddies” these days is see first, then ask. sure the rest of us (non-kiddies) would also love to take a look at your work too :slight_smile:


you get what you pay for :laughing:

caveat emptor :slight_smile:


in vino vertais…

Re vera, potas ben (here too!)