Slot loading DVD Slot Dimensions?

Anyone have a Ninteno Wii and Mac mini or Powerbook with a slot loading disc slot?

Could you be so kind as to give me the length X width dimension of the slot loading DVD slot?

They should be standard but my client insists they vary. Just trying to get the best aggregate size for a Blu-Ray slot.

Thanks for your help.

my imac is 4mm x 120.3mm (last gen with the black plastic back). measured with calipers so should be pretty accurate.


Thanks! The client wants an eject button. Not sure if there is a standard location for the button on OEM drives but guess it’s necessary for a gaming consol type device.

I have a Mac Mini and A wii, and they sit next to each other, I’ll have to pull the calipers out at home… the Wii does have an eject button, but the Mac Mini doesn’t. It does have a little manual CD release tab.

Old style CD-ROM is on the bottom right, PS2 was on upper left (or upper right, depending on orientation)
I think the Wii is on the upper right of the slot…

So, I suppose where ever you want to put the button is fine.