slip casting to blown glass


I’m trying to get a ballpark idea of how a slipcast vessel for fluids might cost out compared to a blown glass vessel. You can assume both vessels have the same function and shape…cheaper? more expensive?

I haven’t a clue so I’d love some help.



is translucency an issue?

No, its ceramic. Transparency would not be an issue.


do you need tight tolerances (like for lids etc)?

at this point it should not matter. If tight tolerances were an issue I would have just looked at injected plastic. So no, tight tolernaces are not a factor, at this point it is strictly cost. Both comparative tooling costs (mass production 2000+/yr.) and also per part pricing (machine time and material cost).


If done right, slipcasting would be much less labor intensive, and the raw material is cheaper which by all accounts should make it the less expensive option.

I agree with BryanBrutherford, infact you can do slipcasting at home (if you have access to a kiln)
much less intensive than blow molded product (making molds/machinery and infrastructure/setup)
Call up some companies and see what they charge.
In the long run, due to volumes and time expectations it might be cheaper to go with the initially more expensive route.