Slightly peewed off with future sole comp!

Just got an e-mail this morning in response to the Future Sole Shoe design competition:

‘NIKE deeply regrets that the international portion of the Future Sole has to be suspended due to regulatory concerns and we will not be accepting any further submissions at this time. As a company committed to creativity and design, we regret the amount of time and energy that has gone into the submissions we’ve received from around the globe. We will be returning all international submissions.’

I have just spent the best part of 4 weeks working on some shoe concepts only to find out 2 days before the deadline that the competition has been closed to international students…:-S This is somewhat annoying to say the least HOWEVER this is still been good practice for improving certain skills so not all too bad.

I would like to know though if anyone could shed some more light on this ‘regulatory concerns’? Is this due to possible IP issues or are there perhaps any other reasons??

Just my gripe for the day!

I feel for you. Living outside the US makes things so much more complicated. I doubt there is any real problem, just lawyers set on panic.

I realise you were doing this to enter it into the competition, so bad luck on that front.

However, you now have a sweet (hopefully) project for your portfolio! I’m not fully clued-up on the Future Sole criteria but I’m sure another comp might arise in which you can submit the work you’ve done.

You can always share it here too!

Yeh at least I can take out that positive…anyway this is more or less the concept that I thought of entering