Sliceform tutorial

This is a tutorial I wrote for Computer Arts projects, for how to make a sliceform prototype with use of a 3D software and Illustrator to build a prototype so you can test the look and feel of your design’s physical form

When creating a design for an object like a bottle, you’ll need to make a prototype. Rapid prototyping processes are expensive and require heavy machines and special materials, and clay modelling is not something that’s in every designer’s skillset. Cardboard sliceform prototypes are much easier to work with and to get the correct dimension of the model.

Here the link for the full post plus the link to download the tutorial in PDF and supported files.

Hope you guys like it and find it usefull to make something in a sliceform. I used 3d studio max but other 3d programs can make this too.

Best regards,

Chung Dha
Packaging / Graphic Designer