Sleeve+ for laptop and tablet

Too use your computer more than 4 hours? I don’t get it, why is 4 hours a significant limit?

Why is there a zipper on it? Laptop seems to be inserted from the top.

Is that a strap securing the laptop inside? It obstructs the handle usage.

Is this for a design class or marketing punchlines?

Thank you engio.
‘Why carry your charger if you can use your laptop over 4 houres.’ For example at a presentation. You do not need a charger in your bag. So we can keep the sleeve slim and small. The zipper is to change the jacket. You can purchase additional jackets in other colors/ materials.
The strap is for pulling out the laptop when it’s in. If your laptop is in, the strap is just behind the jacket. I’ll upload a usage video tomorrow so the concept is more clear :wink: Could you explain the last question? Thank you for the questions!

Personally I like the clean look. I’m not sold in it though because there isn’t enough “in-use” images on the website. I’d like to see how the tablet goes in, how it looks with the zipper open etc.

What’s your goal here?

The Sleeve+

SPAM. Bye, bye… . … . …

Wow, how was that spam? A picture and a description of a project, a link to an ID portfolio, and he even replied to my post with relevant responses?

@jonghdesign: thanks for the answers, it seems there was more thought to the project than I initially saw. You should have more explanation posters, not just glamor shots with punchlines (which is also fine, but 1 or 2 is enough to gage interest in concept, then explanation should follow).