sleepless in new york

so, i haven’t been working (or getting) my usual mag design gigs - 1st time in three years… and now suddenly, i’m faced with agencies calling me for work which pays half my hourly rate… so, the question is: do i take it and hope for a return to the usual rate? or, do i refuse it, holding out for what i’m worth hourly (after 14 years in the biz)?! please advise. it’ll be a month of uncertainty this friday.

that’s a lot of uncertainty. i mean specially in ny.

hold out, at least until you have to start eating rice with a fried egg on top.

ok, thanks for the advice. that’s what i was thinking as well.

if the regulars arent coming back maybe find out why. then rethink pricing or not. my 2 cents.

don’t think i can… i freelanced at 1 large publishing co. with several of their magazines over the last 3 years. was only supposed to be there 3 months but through all my efforts, i.e., *schmoozing, i was able to stay 3 years - until just now. this time around, no mags called despite my schmooze, my new website and my availability… :cry:

so now we know what schmoozing means.

:wink: yep, 'fraid so. but good news today: got a call from my online ad on art directors club! woo hoo. i can return to work next week. yes and no fee to the agency!