what ever happened to the SLAM competition?

what did SLAM stand for anyways?

was it the miserable failure that everyone thought it would be?

thank you.

good question. after i hung up mod duties, i thought it would continue. apparently its not worth the effort.

not sure what “SLAM” stands for. sorry. think it was related to another design event. i forget. Core would know.

considering the quality of the discussion (which was the real goal imo), i thought it was a success. some of those threads are the best on this forum imo. some of the ideas brought up would make great thesis projects. or real products. if what people expected was hot marker sketches and CG renderings, they expected too much i think. there wasnt much time for that.

Lets do a “one page” design.

Pick a broad subject.

Everyone submits one 8.5x11 scan with anything on it.

We can call it 93.5

Yea it had promise with lots of momentum around 2nd quarter to halftime, then its all a lameass blurr…

I remember some trash bag concept from some kid who went off on 500 tangents and posting pics of himself sipping cappucino or something. Seemed like he was more concerned with exact pixel dimension layout of the forum posts than the content of the posts themselves.

Who won that thing anyway?