SLA/FDM Vendor


Does anyone have any recommendation for getting one SLA model made to check the form and fit of a 3d drawing? Either in the US or China (if it’s cheaper).

Thank you in advance.





PTE (Prototech Engineering I think)

Prototypes Plus in the Bay Area. Their equipment is capable of doing an engine block - one piece. Awesome.

I have had excellent luck with I’ve done business with them for the past 6 years and they always deliver excellent quality prototypes on time.

Quick note, these guys are good, but their prices didn’t stand up to many of the other online services. I live in the Bay Area and was really psyched to use them, but they were way over.

Thank you.
I guess I am looking for the most affordable option. My goal right now with the model is only to ensure that the form/fit looks correct to me in real-life.


The prices I’ve got from 3D CAM have been competitive, though I haven’t shopped around aggressively. If you get a quote from them I would like to know where they come in relative to other vendors.

Almost forgot, you can use xpress3d . com - they actually farm out your part to lots of vendors and give you several quotes. Just pick the lowest! Used them a few times, they rock. Competition is good :wink:

Good luck!