SKITSCH, the contemporary design brand that launched in Milan in 2009, celebrates its first anniversary and opens a new 350 sq. m. store on Brompton road in London on 25 March 2010.

Architect Luca Bombassei from Studio Blast Architetti has designed the new store and has chosen natural materials with tactile properties, which echo the properties of the flagship Milan showroom: sawed natural wood floors, rough concrete surfaces, glass shelves supported by iron girders, white walls and one feature colour – Skitsch blue. The pieces, like on a white canvas, come alive in a variety of forms and colours.

The ground floor has been conceived as an artistic showcase and the space will include a dynamic installation by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot (who has also designed products for Skitsch). Mirrored bands, 15-cm wide, hang on the ceiling and rotate to create a kaleidoscopic effect and from the windows, the space, multiplied into many fragments, appears dilated. The mirrors expand the space, and create a context for the products in the collection. Remnants of the past life of the building create a transition on the wall beside the staircase: the wallpaper, the traces of a pathway.

The descent to the lower floor occurs along a display of SKITSCH objects arranged on glass shelves hooked to the wall with iron bushes. On the lower floor, overlooking a small Zen garden, rough concrete walls provide a background to the products display. The window set up and the store layout have been designed by Studio Pepe.

On opening, the London store will showcase a sample of the products from the new collection. The SKITSCH creative team has expanded to include Peter Marigold, Jean Marie Massaud, Luca Nichetto (an up-and-coming designer who recently held a personal show in Stockholm), Marcel Wanders, and the young French collective, 5.5. SKITSCH offers a wide variety of products and designs, from the core pieces such as Woodstock, the modular sofa by Massaud, and the formal elegance of the Alle seat by Luca Nichetto, to playful ideas, like the Fire lamp by 5.5. and the experimental work of Marc Sadler, creator of – among other things – the Sack sofa, who built the innovative ecological chair Madeira.

SKITSCH STORE , 270 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2AW