Skills needed for first internship?

I live in Portland, Oregon and LOVE it here. There are a lot of companies in town that I would be thrilled to work for. I just finished my first term at the Art Institute (the only ID program in Oregon at the moment) and I need to start thinking about an internship soon. I came in with a BFA, so I am on a fast track through the ID program. (about 2 years)

My question:
What are the skills I must have to land my first internship? Do I need to know solidworks/Rhino? Do I need some solid portfolio pieces? What else?

I am not anticipating anything glamourous. I’m looking for the grunt work and to learn, more than anything. Right now I work a mind numbing/spirit crushing day job and am willing to work my ass off to get out of it ASAP. Any advice on the first steps I need to take to accomplish that would be great! thanks

I think the skills needed vary a lot from place to place. I would recommend you put together a good solid cover letter, resume, and sample booklet, and mail it out to local design offices. Get the conversation going…