skill sets

hi, recently I did an interview with some company.
while the manager seemed to be
interested, he also mentioned my lack of photoshop rendering stuff in
my portfolio…
I would like to ask you all the working professionals…
I thought sketching was the main… when you are working, what do you do
most? sketching or photoshop?
I know some people who had no photoshops but still got jobs…
As far as the skill sets are concerned, what would it be considered
must-haves? ( from entry to junior level )

Thank you for answering…

I’d say it’s another must-have. Unless you are an ultra fast 3d modeling and rendering genious, photoshop is the tool for quick “realistic enough” visualizations. Get to it, it’s not that hard, just takes good strategies. Just make sure your strategy includes being able to change or modify anything you’ve done without having to redo everything.

Don’t have any gaping holes in your skillset. Whether it be sketching, photoshop, illustrator, CAD, etc. If you don’t have it, people will ask why. I’m not saying to be a pro at all things, as you will have your own strengths, and weaknesses. Al least dabble in everything, and show you have the aptitude to learn it if the particular employer requires it.

Photoshop is key, without it many a designer would be lost and to be honest it’s possibilities are endless. I’ve been using it for about 6 years and I learn new things all the time. But don’t worry, once you nail down the basics just goodle up some tutorials, there’s tons out there.

As a side note, if you were applying as a non-graphic design candidate that hiring manager was an ignorant ass. Photoshop is a tool that can be learned, communicative sketching and smooth ideation can’t, you don’t want to be working for anyone that doesn’t understand that.

But remember, any fool can use a hammer, but that doesn’t make them a carpetner.

also, if you already know illustrator, PS is easy to learn, as they share a lot of similar tools. THe more programs you learn, the easier it is to pick up more. In the end, it’s just learning the interface since you probably already know the basics of drawing and shading. You’ll apply everything you know of manual rendering to digital rendering. I’ve found that people who posess the skill of manual rendering will ultimatly be better at digital rendering then those who are computer wiz kids with no fundamental skills.

I think it’s a bunch of bull. You probably weren’t what he was looking for and that was what he came up with. If you’re designing product, Photoshop is a quality skill to have, but it should never hold you back like that, especially if you have a general knowledge of the program. Ideas and process will always hold the most water, unless you’re doing straight up monkey work were the job is focused on one skill. Don’t feel bad, you probably would have hated it after a couple of months. Stay positive and keep at it.

Guest 34 is right. Often times these employers make weak excuses for not hiring someone. I’ve heard from my own experiences and friends the following:

-wouldn’t fit our organization
-we want someone with 7-10 years experience even though the job posting didn’t mention it
-not enough computer skills
-why are you calling us
-you are a dated designer
-send your whole portfolio electronically
-I didn’t call you back because we thought you were taken already
-we are looking for fresh talent (basically you’re too old for the job)
-not moldable
-over qualified
-under qualified

So don’t feel bad about that Photoshop BS. I learned Photoshop on an internship during college. I remember the manager gave me a quick 30 minute crash course and the rest is history. You won’t have time to navigate through the software anyway. Just buy a system at home and your problems are solved. Now the new crap I keep hearing is this InDesign BS. This is supposed to be the next hot thing.

Yeah Right.

Thanks for all the advices… appreciate it.

and especially to translation:
ya, after the interview, I kind of felt that " skill sets" were the BS…
If they want you, they will hire you no matter what…
Thanks anyway!