"skill based" ID school programs


I have been looking at Art Schools to get a 2nd bachelors degree in
San Francisco and I am most attracted to Academy of Art University
because it seems to not have any b.s. classes or gimmicks. I am looking
at its program and the classes seem very relevant to ID, but a liitle
more on the skill side, although everything is applied and hands-on in
design classes.

In terms of budget, location, campus, course requirement, etc. it is a great
match; however, there are a few schools in SF with a little artier reputation
among peers. For example California College of the Arts and Art Institute.

A friend of mine told me he heard bad things about [b]Academy of Art [/b]
in terms of fine art concentrations, and that I should check its reputation
for ID.

I realize that the reputation is more important amongst working designers
and would prefer their advice; however I am looking for any feedback
regarding anyone’s experience with this school

Or should I not worry about this too much because I personally realize
in the end it is what you get out of the program and what you can do?

I was in the same boat a while back, and had to do a comparison of the local Bay Area ID schools - CCA vs. AA vs. SJSU. My research concluded that all of these schools are fully capable of giving you a fine education. My closest friend graduated from AA while I went to SJSU. He had better facilities, and thought I had better instructors based on our discussions. A wash? Hard to say. In the end, we both made out just fine and realized that you get out of it what you put in… Go visit the schools, meet the staff and students… hang around a bit. Also, take a class and see how you like it! CCA and AA offer classes at night that anyone can pop into. Give each a go. See what works for you.

CCA has a certain cachet within the community, but your portfolio, work experience and enthusiasm are all that counts. Aside from getting a degree at Art Center or something (and even then) I’ve found little difference in the impressions each school has on the community. It boils down to you.

Maybe not exactly what you were looking for, but hope it helped a little.

I’m an ID student at AAU, used to be an ID student at SJSU, and have taken an ID course at CCA. If you are looking for a school to refine your skills, AAU is the definite choice in the Bay Area. Their facililties are also the best in the Bay. CCA and SJSU have pretty solid ID programs too but they both concetrate more on problem solving and less on practical skills. SJSU is in a bit of a slump right now so I wouldn’t suggest going there. I also wouldn’t suggest SFSU. AAU is half the price of CCA and Art Center. Plus its location is beautiful.

Good Luck