Sketchyd Live

NEW: Sketchyd Live

Episode 2 delayed… new time @ Dec.15 TBA

1st episode ended @ Dec.12 9pm

What is it?
Live video streaming

When will it start?
It already started and is currently LIVE!
Where is it?

How long will this go for?
Till the end of December

At what times?
Random times of the day, but i live in california, so imagine that time zone.
So if its like 4am in the morning here, there will most likely not be a broadcast.

Broadcast type?
Both Audio and Video Broadcast.
Listen to my music when nothing is happening.
Current Issues?
Visible lag, sketch seems to be in slow motion.
Blurriness, even with the quality maxed out, it is unable to produce picture perfect quality.
Want to see a specific demo? a comment, suggestion, or idea?
Post your comments here on core77

Great, so how much does it cost?
its FREE, however if you want to donate, will be greatly appreciated.

do u record any of your episodes?

Sorry to nit pick, but is it really so difficult to type out the “you”? Lets keep it semi professional.

Do you know how many emails and PM’s I get in this type of text message code a week? I used to take the time to explain why we should address each other as professionals, but at this point, with my schedule the way it is, I just delete those messages. Sketchy D, sorry to rant on your thread, but it had to be said.

oh, ok ill keep note of that too.

atm no, im not recording any of the episodes.
mainly because its just a free session of me doing random doodles.