Sketchy Rendering

This is the result of many sketches that I am still working on for a futuristic car design competition. It’s just a first rendering to visually transcript the feeling of the car, to help me pursue it’s developement. The rendering is quite sloppy and its partially due to the tablet I’m using (Wacom Bamboo Fun) which is not so good for precision work, but for the purpose of this rendering it’s quite a good deal.

I do not want to set the concept to a realistic level so that improvement can still be made. The problem is, when you make a perfect looking rendering, it tends to send the message of it being the final result. That effect is prefferable to be reached when the whole developement is over and when there’s a clear idea of the final product.

I’ll keep you up to date with the progress concerning the competition. Bookmark!

Sketchy Rendering - YouTube



I agree with everything you’ve said. But something that stands out to me from a technical and a design standpoint is your wheelbase. it is incredibly long and would cause the car to handle like a limosine. I’d suggest preserving your trailing axle design but slide the rear axle forward with your suspension arms emerging from below instead of the back. It’ll look better too.

CORR trucks have this kind of suspension, for reference.

True, I’m also considering going back to 4 wheels…

didn’t realize it’s a three wheeler!

Well its only because of the little sketch above showing quite a small wheel, but in reality, that would be a wide wheel with really rounded corners. It will add stability and will reduce the drag from having a fourth wheel.