Sketchstone: Sketch videos

Jumping on the personal sketch video bandwagon :wink:

Here’s a timelapse video of a 2015 hyundai sonata I drew earlier today.
I’m pretty new to video recording, so excuse the lackluster video production, it’ll get better over time.

Feel free to ask me questions about tools, hardware, software, brushes, etc. Answered questions will be posted here in the opening post.
Please remember to check here first before asking duplicate questions…as duplicate questions will be ignored :wink:

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And also let me know if you guys want me to do any voice overs.

Quick and rough car sketching practice video.
Hardware: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil
Software: Procreate
Brush: Dizzytara Oval Sketch

Feel free to ask questions.

Great video!
Its good to see some some quick practice sketching and a nice touch on the end with the rendered car.

I am always impressed by people who can sketch so freely in a digital format.
Ohh, and thank you for sharing the program and brush used! :slight_smile:

Really cool sketch videos Sketchstone, they’re really fun to watch and learn from! It was interesting to see that you’re using an oval shaped brush. Do you find they are more natural feeling than the default circle shaped brush?