My sketching exercise


awesome sketch exercises!

Awesome energy in these!
How long does each one take, are you looking at a photo reference at all or is it all from memory? Impressive either way.
Awesome stuff!

Thanks for your praise,I am glad to get more advice from you:)

I did them by looking at the photo ,more than twenty minutes each.Hope to get more advice from you:)


Wow, that’s cool. I feel awed when I see these car sketches, I’ve never been good with cars. I might have to do with being a girl, but then again, there are plenty of girls out there that love cars. =X

I have drawn cars for many years.But at first ,i was weak in drawing cars ,There was such-and-such problem at all time,But i did’t give up,I have held the line ,and one day I suddenly found that my drawings was not bad-looking yet.In fact what i want to say is that never give up,one day you will have done!:slight_smile:

I like your sketching style, it’s not the usual style of drawing

Cool. Are some of those models or renders?

Nevermind, it says they’re models. Also, when I saw her page, the first thing I thought was illustration major. She’s got a decent mastery of a lot of things.