Sketching weekend

Last weekend I had to go visit my mother in law… hey don’t laugh, it could happen to you too :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can imagine I had to quickly find something fun to do.

These are some sketches I came out with, it is nothing specific, but I think it looks like a “lifestyle” type of shoe.

Comment and critics anyone?

More sketches in my brand new ske ske ske skeeeetch blog :slight_smile: (here)


Nice sketches. How did you apply that fading texture to the sole of the arched shoe? It looks so perfect.

Thanks eco. I was sketching in a small notepad, so I had to scan everything later and organize the images in photoshop. That specific texture was applied in that moment as an linear burn layer with a mask. I also did the background scratches in photoshop.

Let me know if you are interested and I could upload some nice images for texturing.

nice quick sketches. Some construction details would go a long way, stitches, laces, Velcro or gore area if there are no laces. Don’t forget shoes are not symmetrical, especially when drawing the bottoms…

Thank you Yo. I’m trying to build up a portfolio in footwear and soft goods.

As it has been previously mentioned in other threads, the mix of fashion and product design is very interesting. I began looking at fashion while designing electronics; specially interesting with the case of wearable products because the market pulls for trendy/fashion gadgets.

I still love electronics, but sometimes I get a little tired of the tolerances and engineering constrains you have to deal with.

I’ll try to keep on working at this and add some details and other views showing more difference on the sole symmetry.