sketching views

This is a 3 minute freehand sketch of a PC with built in speakers. What I would like to know is how you guys would have set up the view. I have a tendency to have a view looking down on the product. How would you go about setting up you’re views for a product like this

My advice to you would be to draw it again from different perspectives and then see which one works the best. Practice with adjusting how far the vanishing points are from one another and the height. Obviously you don’t want to draw it from below, but drawing the eye level more even might be more representative of the actual shape.

When in doubt, look at pictures of similar products, see how they’re shot, and copy it.

as mentioned before the above picture is a good example, follow the imaginary perspective lines, draw it on your piece of paper and see what it looks like. Dont forget though that some photos do distort perspective slightly.

Also as recommended by the big men like Yo and Eco ID, get yourself a book or dvd, they are cheap in comparison to the amount of knowledge and inspiration you will get from them