sketching tips

Could someone show some examples of the techniques of freehand perspective.
When I do it I end up with a eagle-eye view. How can one do a sketch and set up the view point with a estimated perspective or freehand? Could someone post samples of those and what to avoid thanks.

If you’ve got some extra money I’d buy this:

Or go out and find yourself a good perspective book at Borders. That way you can flip through the pages.

Yo (Mike) has a nice tutorial on his website: But it’s currently not loading up, or I should say down.

Go to the book store, that’s your best bet.

to echo

Take a look at Scott Robertson, his dvd and books are fantastic. How to draw cars the hotwheels way has a the basics on how to draw perspective.

Your best bet is to get your hands on these books and practice, practice. Its what i do lol!

Another tip i suggest is to look at compositions that other designers use. i went through a phase of drawing quite extreme, until i sat down looked at my peers work, stuff online, photographs copied it until i understood what i was doing.

There is plenty of good stuff on this forum, just browse through the images and analyse and practice.

there is no “trick” to learn. You just got to do it the old sch way. construct your horizon line, set your 3 vanishing points and start drawing the box which your object will fit in.

People like Scott Robertson have no “tricks”. They have been doing it for such a long time that they simply know it. When you have accumulated years of solid experience and foundation, THAT becomes the trick.