sketching styles in Italy, UK, US

I’d be very thankful if somebody could satisfy my curiosity on a topic very dear to me: Sketching styles.
I have been trained, as a designer, in Italy, UK and California. Every time I moved from one place to another, my sketching style was deemed “inappropriate”. In italy I found the sketches and drawings very appealing to the eye, very fast, “speedy” and somewhat sbrigative . Lots of media together in the same page: pencil, markers, pens etc. Very good for idea generation. The only downside was that details were often inaccurate and the style would require a solid understanding of proportion. I liked it, I learned it, and since I do have a pretty good sense of proportions (I can see the object on paper before I draw it) it worked for me there and then. Then I moved to London, where I was tought to only use a blu ball pen on white paper, sketch and render with it, and include as much detail as possible. I learned it and as a consequence my sketching style became much slower, my drawing looked still, but I could sketch an exploded view of a dish-washer pretty accurately. Then I moved to California, where -if I am not wrong- the style is pretty much dictated by the good folks at the Art Center in Pasadena. Again, I found myself drawing inadequately. Here the drawings are sometimes made on tracing paper, with a near minimalistic usage of pencil and usually one (1) coloured marker. Even though the style among the great people at RKS is different from the one of the great people at Pentagram, there are analogies.
Bottom line, I am tired of feelig behind and I wish somebody could tell me NOT which one is better, but which one is preferred by the hiring people in the business, which one makes a better impression, and whether it is worth it or not to take another drawing class or instead “be myself and draw my way”

the fact that you have mastered 3 styles is great. It’s the tip of the iceburg. I think the idea of a “house style” has it’s ups and downs.

i try my best to mix it up so that it never becomes formulaic.

I recently started working in a new group where the drawing style is very minimal, with the thinking of, it doesn’t look good as a clean black line on a white page, how is it going to look good all slathered in color? There’s a lot of logic there.

To me it’s not so much which one is better, as which one is best for this particular project in this particular phase of development? Flex your range and you should have no problem.

i change styles and mediums as matter of process. if i were interviewing, i’d be most interested in very rough thumbnails. lowest common denominator.

Hey thanks for the advice. I am new to this core community, but I have noticed both of you have been dispensing some hands-on, solid advices.
What are you two, some sort of design pastors to look after the lost little sheeps? Just kidding, of course. But I am serious when I tell you that I find what you wrote, to me and others, very motivational.

Since we are at it, could you tell me if there’s a database of drawing samples? I really want to know how I measure against other people, and learn from both the many that are better than me, and the few that are weaker. Any place where I can find some sketching and product-drawing samples will do. Additionally I would also find attractive the idea of finding a database of business cards and things of that sort. Anybody know where I can find such things?

pastor. ha.

check the Sketch section. Yo and i have posted some old stuff. might be of interest. no help w biz cards tho. maybe Lauren. or find old How mags covering “Self Promotion”. excellent resource.

biz cards in terms of design or of contact?

Pastor, no, just enjoy passing on what I have learned right or wrong. Got to support the profesio.

in terms of design, shape, size, colour, printing process, material, and so on.

Maybe somebody who knows this site a little better than me could set up a section where everybody could post their business card to show their own design even if they wanted to hide name and numbers to protect their privacy

You can just start a new forum as you’ve done for this topic.

But I would recomend purchasing a logo/letterhead/bus card design annual. Most major bookstores will have several.

for samples of business cards, I would just go to a local printer and ask to see some examples.
here in new york for instance, printicon has tons of well designed samples on display.

Hi mb, can you post some examples of the different sketching styles?


Yes I certaily will, I actually am writing from an airport platform, on my way to hong kong, then Milan

I need to go through my stuff and pick something that is not under a non-disclosure agreement. I will do it as soon as I get some time. Please check back in a little while

Thanks for your patience and interest